About Us

In this era of unprecedented change, where disruption has become the new norm, we find ourselves grappling with significant economic and financial shifts, accompanied by growing concerns about employment stability. Rather than succumbing to apprehension about your financial future, let us envision a new paradigm for employment and embrace emerging opportunities.

At Inalai Worldwide, we stand at the forefront of reshaping the discourse surrounding this new normal, leveraging our expertise in the global financial market. Irrespective of your background, seize the opportunity to benefit from our seasoned educators, cutting-edge Hawkeyie software, AI technology, and professional traders. Our visionaries and trailblazers are committed to effecting positive change, and your participation is integral to our mission.

Join us at Inalai Worldwide on this thrilling financial journey, as we collaboratively redefine the essence of financial freedom.

Expert Team


Abu Qureshi

Co-Founder of Inalai & Head of Trading Technology 8+ years trading experience mentored by multiple 6,7 & 8 figure traders 10+ years of networking experience

Joel Theler

Co-Founder of Inalai & President of operations 20+ years of networking marketing experience. Multiple 7 figure earner Has generated over 730 milion in sales and commissions Mentored by industry leaders and legends

Alton Patterson

Co-Founder of Inalai & Success Team President 20+ years of networking marketing experience 7+ figure earner within the direct sales industry Built global organizations across 5 continents.